Soup Season in Full Swing

One of my favourite things about winter is soup.

I love soup.

There is something that feels so nourishing and warm about it, whether it’s pumpkin soup, leek and potato soup, or ham hock soup. I’m often transported back to my parents house or an aunty’s house when there were plenty of mouths to feed. Recently, we’ve been expanding our soup repertoire with some Asian noodle soups. They’re easy, tasty, and you can add a whole bunch of different greens from the garden. Whether you are growing bok choy, tatsoi, spinach, ruruhau, or even dandelions in the garden, most greens make great additions to Asian noodle soups. 

After being gifted some snapper from our aunty and picking some ruruhau from our māra (the only thing that’s really still growing), we made this delicious red curry vermicelli noodle soup. The key to this dish is the pre-made red curry paste. We always use the Valcom Authentic Thai Red Curry brand. We didn’t have vermicelli noodles, so used egg noodles we had lying around, but for those who are gluten intolerant, vermicelli is a great gluten-free option as they are usually made of ground rice, mung beans or sweet potato starch. Make sure to check when you are buying. If you don’t have white fish I think chicken, tofu, or even prawns would go well.

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