Growing the Puna

Growing the Puna is an internship programme that grew out of the desire to fill an identified gap between students (who have a particular focus on physical activity and/or nutrition) and both Māori communities and the health sector. Additionally, conversations in communities highlighted the necessity to strengthen the connections between knowledge creators and knowledge users recognising that all three, communities, tertiary providers, and the health sector, play roles as both creators and users. 

There are four placements available for the 2020/21 summer internship. Applications are now open. 

Applications open: Thursday 24 September 2020
Applications close: Friday 15th October 2020
Internship dates: Monday 30th November 2020 – Friday 26th February 2021 
Hui-a-tau dates: 17-19 February  Kawhia (students need to be available for these dates) 

As part of Growing the Puna, students have the opportunity to: 

  1. Participate in Toi Tangata training and activities alongside other Growing the Puna interns; 
  2. Complete an article for the ezine (electronic magazine) 
  3. Complete a final research findings article (1500 words max) 
  4. Have fun and take on new learning experiences alongside the team. 

The students will participate in a range of mahi, but mainly work on their project. Students will learn about the different kaupapa led by Toi Tangata alongside staff, participate in matauranga based learning, and complete a small project contributing to Toi Tangata’s pool of knowledge.  We have a range of topics to suit different interest areas. It is expected that applicants will highlight their interest topic, however there is no guarantee that students will be allocated that topic. 

Skills the student will learn

  • An understanding of the Māori Public Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity sector through interaction with the Toi Tangata team;
  • Develop an understanding of whakapapa and mātauranga approaches to oranga kai, oranga tinana, oranga wai;
  • Develop the ability to complete small research kaupapa; 
  • Students will also have the chance to present this work at the Toi Tangata hui-a-tau.

Applications are now closed

2020/21 Growing the Puna Research Projects 

  • Te Marautanga o Aotearoa: Kaupapa kori tinana 

This project will investigate kaupapa kori tinana that Toi Tangata delivers and the relation to Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. Identification of key areas where Toi Tangata content can inform learning around oranga kai and oranga tangata. Outcomes from this project involve drafting a Kai and Kori tinana guideline for Kura Kaupapa Māori and Schools. 

  • Te mauri o te wai: an investigation of current approaches to wai māori and the impact on Māori communities. 

This project will include building on the knowledge base that Toi Tangata has, completing a literature review on current policy and sector approaches to water access and its impact on wellbeing. Mātauranga Māori approaches to water as sustenance will also be explored, informing how we can move into the future as Māori to determine health outcomes. 

  •  Mātauranga in physical activity and hākinakina. Whānau and organisations that are incorporating amid revitalising reo, tikanga and movement.

This project looks into the approaches to physical activity that whānau and organisations are doing to revitalise tikanga, reo and traditional movement. The student has the opportunity to connect with those who implement mātauranga based physical activity and learn about the approaches whānau are implementing. 

  • Oranga Kai Oranga Tinana: A Māori systems approach to Mahinga Kai

A Māori systems approach looks at our cultural principles and collective approaches as Iwi, hapū and whānau and the Māori settings such as our marae and whenua which sustain us.  

Through kōrero/pūrākau, this project will identify mātauranga Māori approaches in oranga kai oranga tinana, and identify some measures of success around the achievement of positive wellbeing outcomes for our Māori communities, whānau, hapū and Iwi.