Toi Tangata

About Us

Toi Tangata is a Māori agency which develops, delivers, and champions kaupapa Māori based approaches to health, movement, and nutrition.

Toi Tangata specialises in positive health and works hard to create meaningful connections to kaupapa oranga Māori. The kaupapa of oranga Māori is expressed in the whakatauki Tama Tū Tama Ora – Through Physical Well-being We Thrive.

Tama Tū represents all Māori physical elements of our environment; our food and our movements that create oranga for our people. Tama Tū supports the understanding of the concept, ‘through physical wellbeing we thrive’.

Tama Ora is the mana, tapu, and mauri of total oranga and draws on mātauranga Māori that enables well-being. It is our understanding of the metaphysical elements that relate directly to the total well-being of an individual and their whānau.

Te Paetawhiti | Our Vision

Tangata Tū, Tangata Ora

Our whānau are healthy, active and able to achieve to their full potential.

Te Pae Tata | Our Mission

Mā te mātauranga tuku iho, ka tipu, ka ora, ka toi tangata e!
To unleash Mātauranga Māori concepts for all people to be healthy and active

Our ultimate strategy is to enable whānau to improve physical health and well-being through the following objectives:

Te Pou Matauranga - Education/Training/Workforce development

Toi Tangata strives to provide a range of innovative Māori centred nutrition and physical activity training and professional development opportunities to a range of audiences and settings.

Te Pou Manukura - Leadership

We endeavour to lead and facilitate active spaces of influence which enable creative solutions to improve nutrition and activity wellbeing.

Te Pou Umanga - Business Development

We aim to strengthen our internal systems and effectiveness, grow new products and services as we increase our ability for future sustainability.

Te Pou Korero - Communication

Toi Tangata aims to develop and provide a range of communication platforms and innovative tools and resources that support wellbeing messages and information.

Te Pou Hekenga - Strategic Relationships

We strive to establish new and build on existing collaborations with a range of national, international and regional organisations/groups to support, influence and enable positive wellbeing outcomes for whānau

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