Kai Māori, Kai Ora is the overarching kai and nutrition strategy under which all our kai projects, resources, and communications fall under.

We weave key Kai Māori, Kai Ora messages, resources and principles through all of our mahi to ensure high quality, consistent kaupapa Māori mātauranga is easily accessible for whānau, communities and kaimahi across the motu.

Key Objectives

• Lead and coordinate innovative kaupapa Māori kai/nutrition training and professional development opportunities for kaimahi in the Māori health sector.
• Create spaces where kai mātauranga is explored, shared and woven seamlessly with contemporary nutrition knowledge to inform best practice.
• Identify spaces of influence or advocacy from the community or sector for kai and nutrition.
• Provide consistent, engaging, high quality kai and nutrition mātauranga to the sector, community and whānau through the Toi Tangata communication platforms or resources.
• Develop and promote evidence based Kaupapa Māori Nutrition mediums, messages and communications.
• Develop resources and merchandise to support key messages.

As an advocate of positive health, we recognise that there are many different elements to being well and a range of factors that need to be weaved together for an individual, whānau, community or nation to achieve this. There is also a relationship between our culture and the way we move, eat, drink, think, and behave. In this respect, we have drawn inspiration from the Māori concepts of mauri, whakapapa and mana to promote and share how we view kai and wai.

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