He Whenua Rongo, Elevating Māori Soil and Kai Resiliency

Papawhakaritorito Charitable Trust has recently released their research report, He Whenua Rongo, Elevating Māori Soil and Kai Resiliency, and the He Whenua Rongo summary report online on their website.

He Whenua Rongo was a seven month kaupapa Māori research project that has been conducted by Papawhakaritorito Charitable Trust led by Dr Jessica Hutchings in partnership with Te Waka Kai Ora and with support from Aatea Solutions.

He Whenua Rongo focuses on kaupapa Māori approaches to soil and kai resilience, sustainability and stewardship. It identifies what encourages and what hinders Māori having strong soil and kai resilience in which to grow, gather or hunt food for our whānau. The report shares insights into Māori aspirations to re-establish robust soil and kai systems, for Māori, by Māori, and with Māori in both rural and urban areas.

A collaborative effort by Dr Jessica Hutchings, Patina Edwards, Hinerangi Edwards, and Jo Smith, it features quotes from our very own Kai Māori lead, Haylee Koroi, as well as many other mātanga in the field.