Toi Ako Webinar: Te hōkai nuku, te hōkai rangi: Rongoā Māori, traditional birthing & quantum physics

In this Toi Ako webinar, Awhitia Mihaere takes us on a journey of enlightenment guiding us through rongoā Māori, traditional birthing, and quantum physics from a Māori world view. “Me Ko Hinewaiata ahau te oro tuatahi o te ao.” We are the cultivation of science from the gardens of our ancestors. We are the product of influence, wisdom, nurturer of land, sea, ecosystem of our nannies. We are the insemination of duty from the womb of our mother. We proliferate neutrality from generation to generation. Ensuring the learning of our teachers has sustainability. We are the matriarchal lineage of all living entities from the cosmos to the galaxies of Quantum time. Our ingenuity derives from the living organism of time immemorial. We are all indigenous to Papatūānuku. We are IO E AU.