Healthier Lives Implementation Network Research

We want to better understand implementation experiences and challenges to facilitate more effective implementation in the future so we are reaching out to our whānau whānui who deliver health programmes in our hapori Māori, to complete this survey on the needs of our whānau.

Since 2022, Toi Tangata has partnered with The University of Waikato in a research project to inform the development of a national network of health providers to share new and tried programmes to help each other across the motu. This research is supported by the National Science Challenge Healthier Lives research grants. 

The overall goal of the project is to develop a network of community providers, researchers and health systems representatives that can help facilitate the implementation of novel programmes and products that help to meet the health needs of Māori and Pacific communities. 

The initial focus is to address hauora and community well-being through projects that emphasise prevention/early detection of various health conditions. The network will be community-provider focused with other members supporting the efforts of providers; providers will need to have strong community engagement approaches with their own communities. The network focus is to be further developed and refined through a co-design process with input from a variety of partners. 

So far, the co-design phase and data collection phases have been completed. The next phase will look at how providers will go implementing some of the nominated programmes that have been tested in other parts of Aotearoa. 

The survey will take about 10 minutes. Your experience will help us inform researchers and the health system of the best way to support community providers. The research ethics information is included in the first page of the survey. Please click on this link and share with others in your organisations or networks who you feel could offer insights as well:

Contact John Oetzel at john.oetzel@waikato.ac.nz if you have any questions