The Ol@ Or@ Trial is Complete

For the last 12 months Toi Tangata has been trialling ‘The Or@ Ol@ mobile app,’ and what an awesome effort from all those who participated in the trial. We want to extend a big mihi to everyone who played a part in it- it is much appreciated. The fieldwork, led by Crystal Pekepo, Darrio Penetito-Hemara and Layla Lyndon-Tonga is now finished, with a total sample size of 640 participants.

This is a health intervention delivered in a mobile app designed by Māori and Pacific Island communities. Pacific whanau have a generic version designed with island communities in mind. The aim of this app is to decrease the risks of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

It is an innovative approach that implemented a co-designed methodology with community participants from Waiwhetu and Ngāti Whātua. The aim of the app is to use mātauranga approaches to help improve the wellbeing of Māori.

One participant stated, “it is the best integration of tikanga into the digital space with the sole purpose of influencing health behaviours I’ve seen – ever!” -Mrs H Fatai.

We wanted to test the app and needed willing participants to do this with, we undertook the following steps with a team of very skilled and well connected cluster leads.

  • We used a 12-week trial phase
  • We sent a link by email to register for the trial
  • Participants were asked for specific information included in three questionnaires over the 12 week period
  • individuals joined the trial in community clusters
  • Each cluster was then randomized as control or intervention
  • Control clusters received notifications only from the app
  • Intervention clusters received the full version of the app.
  • Researchers were then able to measure the effectiveness of those who use the app vs those who do not.
  • The trial required participants to complete ALL questionnaires sent to the email address they provided.
  • Questionnaires were received at the start of the trial, again at 4 weeks into the trial and finally at the end of the trial (12 weeks)

The trial period has now ended and data is being collated and will be analysed over the coming months. The mobile app is now available for download FREE of charge for a limited time while we re-group with the design team and researchers.

Visit the website for more information