Pipiri ki a Papatūānuku

One month dedicated to giving back to Papatūānuku – Mother Earth. 

Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku aims to raise awareness around the impacts our everyday decisions have on Papatūānuku – Mother Earth. However small, or however big a change, together we can make a difference!

Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku aims to provide a set of actionable changes anyone can make to exercise their protection of land, sea and earth. As a collective we can make small adjustments to our everyday food and packaging decisions that can and will benefit Papatūānuku – Mother Earth. Choosing to eat more earth-consciously and minimising the waste we produce and buy, are the only two things we need to do to be part of Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku.

Pipiri is the lunar month of the Māori calendar equivalent to the month of June. Piri means “to be close”, while pipiri means “to keep very close”. For Māori this time of the year is indicated by Matariki – a cluster of stars also known as Pleaides.  The shining constellation of sister stars signifies a time of celebration, renewal, and harvest. Matariki are also an indication of connectivity, as well as being an optimum time to be close to family, friends, land, sea and Papatūānuku – Mother Earth.




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