Unhealthy takeaways have no mauri

Unhealthy Takeaways Have No Mauri!

Unhealthy takeaways have no mauri. That’s the bold message Toi Tangata wants to send to whānau who now have the option of buying take out food again.   

Chief Executive Megan Tunks says, “McDonalds, KFC and the like are heavy in saturated fat and sodium. These options are highly processed food, low in nutrients and is, in our view, without mauri.” 

The country has transitioned to Covid-19 level three restrictions, which has lifted whānau access to takeaway food. As the national Māori nutrition and physical activity agency, Toi Tangata noticed a high number of Māori take to social media, anticipating the return of fast food stores.

The Toi Tangata Chief Executive says, “Even a video of a man, somewhat mourning the loss of McDonald’s in Māori went viral on social media. While it may be a token of humour, it’s not so funny when we look at how big of an impact kai has on an individual’s health.”  

Last year, nutrition experts claimed inappropriate nutrition had taken over smoking as the number one health issue facing New Zealanders.  In 2017, Statistics New Zealand identified that over 27 percent of our national food spend was in ready to eat meals and restaurants. 

Tunks says junk food is convenient and whānau need to be prepared and well planned.  

“Unfortunately, some takeaways are more accessible with cheap menu deals for whānau struggling with food poverty.”

“It’s important that whānau rethink their kai treats and if they have to eat on the run, perhaps swap the McDs for a chicken and salad from the supermarket deli.” 

“Plan meals ahead and look to our very own  traditional kai. Keep the treats within small portions and if whānau are really over cooking, noodle soups, grilled teriyaki, crumbed or grilled fish, sushi, kebabs and pita pit salads are better options.”

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