Consultation open on health and disability system review

Submissions for feedback on the New Zealand health and disability system are currently open.  This first round of consultation is seeking feedback on how the health and disability system is working currently and to identify critical issues to improve the effectiveness and equity of the system.

Minister of Health, Dr David Clark, announced a wide-ranging review with the intent to future-proof our health and disability services.

The Terms of Reference for the review state that its purpose is to “… identify opportunities to improve the performance, structure, and sustainability of the system with a goal of achieving equity of outcomes, and contributing to wellness for all, particularly Māori and Pacific peoples.” It also has a broad focus on achieving “wellness, access, equity, and sustainability” in the health and disability system.

The review will consider a number of points, including “contribution of and the interaction between health and other social sector agencies in supporting health and wellness.”

David Clark said the Terms of Reference for the review are “deliberately wide” and “allow for a more thorough assessment of the disability sector.”

The Review will be chaired by Heather Simpson. The other review panel members are Shelly Campbell, Professor Peter Crampton, Dr Lloyd McCann, Dr Margaret Southwick, Dr Winfield Bennett and Sir Brian Roche.

The panel is expected to release an interim report in August 2019, following the consultation. A second round of consultation will be invited on the interim report. A final report is expected to be provided to the Government in March 2020.

They need your voice to make sure the future of the system and services actually reflect what the people of Aotearoa want and need. You can give feedback by completing an online survey in English or Te Reo Māori.

Submissions close 31 May 2019 

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