Notice of Event: Toi Tangata Hui ā Tau 2018

Thursday 1 February 2018
For immediate release

Toi Tangata is proud to announce the Toi Tangata Hui ā Tau 2018 which is to be held 21-23 February 2018 in Rotorua. Toi Tangata is a national Māori agency which develops, delivers and champions kaupapa Māori based approaches to health, movement, and nutrition.   

The annual event is a signature feature of the Māori nutrition and physical activity sector and is set to be an exciting and inspirational event with a range of thought-provoking korero, and interactive workshops. The theme for this annual hui is ‘Tātai Arorangi- Star Charts and Road Maps,’ which draws inspiration from the knowledge system of the stars, the conductors of the environment that we rely so heavily on. Inspired by the kupu ‘Ko tātai arorangi he kai Arataki i te ra,’ it reminds us of our dependence on the taiao (environment) and the importance of ensuring we continue to move in the right direction. Over the three days participants will be challenged to consider ways in which we can move towards building a resilient, prosperous and sustainable future through mātauranga Māori approaches.

Māori leaders in nutrition and physical activity are gathering to set the direction for Māori health and outline local community initiatives that increase access, achieve equity and improve health outcomes for Māori. Recent policy initiatives such as the Childhood Obesity Plan and Healthy Families require a Te Ao Māori response as these policies target Māori; Toi Tangata Hui a Tau 2018 is the platform and opportunity to influence and drive mātauranga Māori leadership in a united effort for better Māori health gains.

About the Hui

The Hui ā Tau provides an opportunity to connect Iwi and health promoters, Māori academics, tertiary students, community leaders, youth workers, independent businesses and health practitioners from across the motu where kaupapa Māori practices will be promoted, shared and developed. This Hui ā Tau is taking place on the 21-23 February at the Apumoana Marae in Rotorua.

The Hui ā Tau will showcase a range of innovative solutions that are effectively engaging Māori communities and producing positive health outcomes. Throughout the Hui ā Tau participants can expect to learn more about the role of kaupapa Māori in developing a more Māori based experience of nutrition, physical activity and greater health and well-being.

Building leadership capabilities in physical activity and nutrition will also be a hot topic at the hui ā-tau with speakers from a range of disciplines coming to share their views. The hui will end with a day spent discussing the different knowledge pathways and platforms available to progress kaupapa Māori approaches in health.

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