Toi Rēhia

About This Project

Ka haumanutia tātou e te Rēhia
The art of leisure.

‘Tama Tū, Tama Ora – Through physical wellbeing we thrive,’ is the whakatauki that guides Toi Tangata in pursuing the full extent of not only our own potential, but that of our wider community. We have been brainstorming what that means to us in a casual, everyday setting because as we see it, wellness can be fostered incidentally through having fun. After all, these spontaneous moments often become our most cherished memories.

Toi Rēhia is the art of leisure where we encourage ourselves to be swept away by the spirit of joy in play. Toi Rēhia is not a new concept; our tīpuna found ways to make life fun everyday. It can be expressed through games, sports, jamming and dancing to music, spending time with others, and connecting to the environment. Toi Rēhia is about being present in the moment and having fun, however you decide to do that.

The Toi Tangata team are fortunate enough to have the ability to foster Toi Rēhia on a regular basis throughout Aotearoa. #toirēhia allows us to not only lead by example, but to connect with others engaging in their own unique expression of Toi Rēhia. Toi Rēhia gears are simply another way Toi Tangata can support our community in the pursuit of leisure. Through the art of leisure and the sharing of experiences, Toi Rēhia can be normalised as an integral part of everyday life.