Fat and Sugar Chart

This popular health education resource is now available as a downloadable document. If you are an educator or health promoter you can download these documents to print and make with your classroom or health promotion group yourself. You will need to purchase a few items to make up the fat and sugar models.

This is a great activity that supports metrics and numeracy skills for tamariki using rulers and scales while also learning how much fat is in food. Supervision is required when using the sharp knife or blade to cut to the correct amounts.


Small plastic bags
Velcro dots
3 x packs of sunlight soap (each bar of soap is 50g)
Ruler and scales
Sharp knife or art blade


1. Following the metric on the chart, make up the amounts of fat indicated against each food image using the ruler and scales.
2. Once measured correctly place each model into its own plastic bag.
3. Fix a velcro dot to one side of the bag and the other velcro dot directly on the poster next to the food image it relates to.

Download here