Toi Tangata is an agency that enables whānau physical health and wellbeing. Specialising in positive health, our team works hard to create meaningful connections to Kaupapa Oranga Māori. The Kaupapa of Oranga Māori is expressed in our vision Tama Tū Tama Ora - Through Physical Wellbeing We Thrive.  

Tama Tū represents all Māori physical elements of our environment, our food, and our movements that create oranga for our people. Tama Tū supports the understanding of the concept, ‘through physical wellbeing we thrive’. Tama Ora is the mana, tapu, and mauri of total oranga and draws on mātauranga Māori that enables wellbeing. It is our understanding of the metaphysical elements that relate directly to the total wellbeing of an individual and their whānau.


Toi Tangata exists to contribute positively to the continuation of whakapapa. Our mission is to connect all communities to Kaupapa Oranga Māori. The organisation works in ways that acknowledge the tapu, mana and whakapapa of everyone we interact with. Our ultimate strategy is to enable whānau to improve physical health and wellbeing through the following objectives:

Self-Sufficiency (Internal and External)
Toi Tangata exists within the physical health and wellbeing environment. This objective focuses on our self-sufficiency as a complete and interconnected sustainable model. We drive models of social enterprise through our programmes and extend this approach to community and stakeholders seeking self-sufficiency.

Influence and Change Agency
Toi Tangata aims to inform, educate and advocate amongst government agencies and organisations representing whānau using quality and innovative information and relationships to improve whanau physical health and wellbeing.  

Whānau Empowerment
Toi Tangata develops and utilises working methodologies that are mana enhancing and empower whānau to understand, achieve, and excel in their own physical health and wellbeing.

Vocational Development
Within Māori health and community services sector Toi Tangata is recognised as a lead provider of professional workforce development regarding Māori physical health and wellbeing and whānau empowerment.

Creativity and Innovation
Toi Tangata is constantly innovating to provide for, engage with, and empower whānau physical health and wellbeing.

Toi Tangata is a lead provider, development and collaborator of physical health and wellbeing education and mātauranga to a wide range of whanau relevant sectors.

Our Services
Professional Development
Research and Policy Advice
Nutrition and Physical Activity Programme Co-Design
Venture and Leadership Development
Distance Nutrition Support
Kai Māori Recipe Formulation
Community Education and Development
Social Marketing Strategy

Our Brands


The Name

Toi – The Art of Life and Living

Toi has many meanings, shapes and forms, which perfectly fit the personality, concept, and brand of Toi Tangata.

The primary meaning of Toi is the ‘pinnacle’ or ‘height’ of achievement which, in the case of Toi Tangata, is reaching your human potential. However, it can also be translated as a body of knowledge or ‘the art of something’.

Finally, Toi has a link to our indigeneity meaning ‘the original’.


Tangata – The Human Element of Physical Life and Living

Understanding the human element is the most effective way to activate wellbeing. In a broader sense, its meaning incorporates the key elements of the Māori conception of life and way of living – people, kinship, and community: whānau, hapu and Iwi.

Tangata helps to craft the art of culture, and define values, customs, beliefs and practices.


Toi Tangata - The Art of Human Potential

The name Toi Tangata directly correlates to all aspects of Māori culture, wellbeing, Māori religion, values, customs and beliefs.

Toi Tangata - Specialists in positive health, fitness and nutrition.


The Brand


The brand of Toi Tangata represents the physical manifestation of life and elements, which contribute to achieving the highest point in one’s life. The angle represents the highest point, which can be translated to maunga (mountain), whare (house), or ūpoko (head) – all core elements in the development of health, economic prosperity, academic excellence, and community.

The brand also represents a range of natural opposing combinations including male and female, good and bad, life and death, and land and water.