Toi Tangata are the only national organisation providing advocacy and coordination for kaupapa Māori based approaches across the public health nutrition and physical activity sector.  The organisation executes its advocacy and coordination role by developing and providing their own nutrition and physical activity programmes and training opportunities to the health sector; coordinating and promoting the programmes and training opportunities of other providers; evaluating their own and other programmes and publishing this work; promoting the success of these approaches and identifying the best practice strategies; collaborating with research partners, tertiary institutions, community and whānau groups to expand and grow this knowledge base; create forums where this knowledge can be shared across the sector and across communities.


He Pī Ka Rere

The He Pī Ka Rere programme uses traditional techniques with a combination of modern activities to align physical activity and nutrition better for kaupapa Maori early learning environments.



Atua Matua

For the past two years we have been working with Dr Ihirangi Heke to support the essence of an Atua Matua approach to improve Māori health innovations culturally. This also includes a hauora approach: taha tinana, taha hinengaro, and taha whanau and taha wairua with different communities and wananga.

The next 12 months of this project will be working with communities to lead their own initiatives.



Growing the Puna

Many students who are on their learning journey with tertiary education don’t get to connect and learn in a meaningful way about Māori Nutrition and Physical Activity or share their mātauranga (knowledge) with the health workforce. Working in collaboration with academics, interns, Māori dietitians, Massey dietitians and international students, our Growing the Puna internship programme is an avenue for this opportunity.



Kai Māori, Kai Ora

Kai Māori, Kai Ora is the over-arching kai and nutrition strategy in which all kai projects, resources and communications fall under. Throughout all our work there are key Kai Māori, Kai Ora messages, resources or principles that we weave through. This is to ensure high quality, consistent kaupapa Maori matauranga is easily accessible and digestible for whanau, communities and kaimahi across the motu.



Wai Ariki

Toi Tangata are trying to promote Wai (water) from a kaupapa Māori perspective. It is essential to life and critical to our health and wellbeing.



Distance Nutrition Support Services

Toi Tangata is proud to offer our Distance Nutrition Support Services. These services has been set up to assist people who are concerned about their health, eating, or whānau. Connect with one of our dietitians who can assist you with your health journey.