Frequently Asked Questions

What Packages are available and how much do they cost?
Nutrition Support Package ($150)
Online pre-consultation questionnaire
45-minute consultation
Comprehensive document detailing recommendations and dietary advicesTwo-week follow-up
30-minute follow-up

Sports Nutrition Package ($250)
Online pre-consultation questionnaire
60-minute consultation
Comprehensive (sports, gender, energy expenditure specific) 7-day food plan including main meals and snacks delivered via web and app-based interfaces.
Two-week follow-up

Additional Follow-up requests ($45)/
Dietary modifications follow-up for changes in training phases ($45)

30-minute consultation

Which package should I choose?
If you have a sports or fitness regime or are simply very motivated, we suggest you choose our Sports Nutrition Package. If you are concerned about your health, eating, or whānau, we recommend you choose our Nutrition Support Package. We would especially like to talk to you if you have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or diabetic, and recommend our Nutrition Support Package. 

What happens if I miss an appointment
Missing an appointment upsets the flow and is unfair on our dietitian/nutritionist. If you need to cancel or change appointment, go to your appointment confirmation email, select the button that says 'Cancel or Reschedule', and select a new time. Please give 12 hours notice.

What if I do not have internet? 
As this service is long distance, you will require a working internet connection to use this service.

How do I pay?
When you have completed the questionnaire you will be sent a link to book a time for your first consultation. You will also receive an invoice that allows you to make payment via credit card or a direct bank transfer.

If these consultations are not done via face to face, how is it done?
Consultations are done through our conference software Zoom. Simply press the link in our confirmation email and you will be ready to go. If you wish to consult through your mobile phone you will have to download the Zoom app. You will need an internet or data connection.

Who will I be talking to?
Learn more about our team by clicking here.