Whakatinanatia te Huahuatau (Application of Metaphoric Knowledge to Physical Activity)

Toi Tangata has been given an amazing opportunity to host a one day Atua Matua workshop an introductory level to the Atua Matua framework created by Dr Ihirangi Heke at He Waka Tapu in Christchurch. 

This workshop will engage participants with the Atua Matua framework through environmental skill acquisition. Sharing knowledge on Atua and Kaitiaki through mātauranga (knowledge), whakapapa (lineage), huahuatau (metaphoric) interpretations and application of these as a health or physical activity output - Whakapakari Tinana.

We intend to ensure to you get the most our of your day!

A comfortable pair of trainers or running shoes.
Comfortable clothing to exercise in.

Kai will be provided throughout the day

For more information, contact Crystal Pekepo at crystal@toitangata.co.nz

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