Upcoming Events

Whakatinanatia te Huahuatau (Application of Metaphoric Knowledge to Physical Activity)

This workshop will engage participants with the Atua Matua framework through environmental skill acquisition. Sharing knowledge on Atua and Kaitiaki through mātauranga (knowledge), whakapapa (lineage), huahuatau (metaphoric) interpretations and application of these as a health or physical activity output - Whakapakari Tinana.

Invitation to attend the New Zealand Health Strategy Implementation Regional Events

The Ministry of Health invites you to a series of events throughout New Zealand to understand the journey our health system has taken since the launch of the New Zealand Health Strategy a year ago.
At these events, we will work together to understand how we are making a difference for people in the key focus areas of being people-powered, closer to home, value and high performance, one team and a smart system. This will also help us better understand how we can all engage and share progress as we move forward.

Toi Ako Webinar: Starlight Research Webinar

Do nutrition labels help us to choose healthier foods? What difference do the new Health Star Rating labels make to food choices? Join us on Wednesday 10 May with Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu from the University of Auckland who will present the results of the New Zealand Starlight study.

Toi Tangata Symposium 2017

Toi Tangata is excited to announce our upcoming Māori Physical Activity and Nutrition Symposium on 5 and 6 April 2017 in Auckland. Join us as we set the scene for an uplifting and inspirational two days of thought provoking kōrero to challenge and motivate.

Toi Ako Webinar: He tapu te ūpoko – stroke prevention

It is a word that many of us have heard of before. A word that many of our people have had firsthand experience with, whether from a frightening and traumatic life experience, or a life filled with chances and hope of recovery. In this webinar, join us with Nita Brown, Māori Health Advisor for the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand, as we learn about stroke, learn about blood pressure, and learn F.A.S.T (onset stroke symptoms) to save another person’s life!

Toi Ako Webinar: A Metaphoric Approach to Health and Wellbeing

Metaphoric poetry always has a way of resonating with Māori. Although it is easy to identify huahuatau (metaphor) in written or communicated kōrero, it is not always easy to physically interpret huahuatau (metaphor). Especially when we attempt to apply huahuatau in our respective roles in Māori health.

One-day wānanga: Digital Literacy (29 Nov 2016)

Toi Tangata is a team of specialists dedicated to designing approaches to complex issues based on a Māori world view. Toi Ako is a part of Toi Tangata’s workforce development project. Although the medium and topics vary, Toi Ako is specifically targeted at providing valuable and relevant vocational training opportunities for the Māori public health, physical activity and nutrition sector. This Toi Ako wānanga is an opportunity to learn, workshop, and apply effective forms of communication.

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Toi Ako Webinar: He Pikinga Waiora (23 Nov 2016)

In this webinar, the He Pikinga Waiora team will present the He Pikinga Waiora Implementation Framework for agencies to effectively engage with Māori communities, and facilitate the translation of research findings in to health service delivery.

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Toi Ako Webinar: A Webinar with Cameron Ormsby

Cameron Ormsby works for the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board as a health protection officer, a role which has a strong emphasis on environmental health. The focus of environmental health is to look at the link between the health of the environment and the health of whānau. Cameron recognised that whānau in the Hawkes Bay area were facing serious challenges, one of which included the difficulty of accessing safe drinking water.

Atua Matua ki Wāiwhetu: Te Waha Kōrero (2 Nov-4 Nov)

Join us for two days of adventure whilst mountain biking in the footsteps of our ancestors. Experience the majesty of this beautiful rohe while learning its rich history from the engaging and knowledgeable, Dr. Ihirangi Heke and locals Kura Moeahu and Tautoko Ratu who will be leading us through the Rimutaka mountain bike trail.

Waiariki ki Taranaki

Waiariki - Our Water Your Future is a contribution towards building content and understanding around Wai Māori. Waiariki is here to provide Māori communities throughout Aotearoa, sound data, information and knowledge to ensure we sustain better health for our land, water ways and our people.

Toi Ako Webinar: Toi Tangata Summer Student Internships

This webinar would be great for those students interested in the summer internship and are looking to apply, academics who would like to learn how to connect with Toi Tangata, or those kaimahi and providers in the community who would like to grow those learning connections.

Atua Matua ki Tāmaki Makaurau Wānanga

Coming off the back of the release of the Atua Matua Kaitiaki video resources, Toi Tangata is facilitating a one-day wānanga with Dr. Ihirangi Heke where kaimahi can experience the process behind the resource.

Toi Poto Webinar: Co-design by Rangimārie Mules

Problem-solving and innovation has been part of our story as Māori for generations. This webinar will introduce you to design thinking as a deeply human process which taps into our abilities as designers that often get overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices.

Waiariki Wānanga Hawkes Bay

Nau mai haere mai ki te Wānanga Waiariki! Waiariki - Our Water, Your Future is a contribution towards building content and understanding around Wai Māori.

Toi Poto Webinar: Money 101

A webinar to introduce participants to the ‘Money Equation’, to provide a greater understanding of the mechanics and jargon of Money, and how to make Money work for you.

Matariki Event

The time of year to celebrate the rising of Matariki is just around the corner. Toi Tangata invites you to come along to our Matariki event.

The Mobile Wānanga Webinar

Over February and March this year, Dr Ihirangi Heke took on a hearty challenge cycling the length of New Zealand.

Wānanga at Waihi: The Nugget

As part of the Atua-Matua series of wānanga, Toi Tangata will be engaging in a number of events throughout the year. The Nugget is the first of our Atua-Matua wānanga events this year.

Waiariki Webinar

Waiariki is a strategy put in place to solidify Toi Tangata’s organisational water aspirations and social obligations. Our vision is to connect people to the whakapapa of Wai. Through this webinar, you will be able to see and understand a number of approaches put in place to encourage the use and consumption of wai from a Māori world view.

Toi Tangata Hui-ā-Tau 2016 (Tuesday 16 Feb - Thursday 18 Feb)

Resilience, fortitude, stamina and endurance. These have been the defining hallmarks of the Māori journey towards wellbeing and prosperity over successive decades, centuries and millennia. The Toi Tangata Hui-ā-Tau for 2016 draws inspiration from this theme and seeks to explore ways that contribute to the application of this kaupapa within contemporary Māori settings. 

Over each of the three days a range of thought-provoking kōrero, interactive workshops and structured physical activities will be presented.  Each of these contributions will challenge hui participants to consider the relevance and potential for the concept of Nukuroa to be applied across new and current initiatives that promote purposeful physical activity and optimal nutrition within Māori communities.